Double Transit Funding SB 1 8

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Double Transit Funding SBX 1 8

When soon enough everyone will be driving an electric vehicle, powered from batteries, overnight, which were charged by
solar panels on your roof -- then any TRANSIT ORIENTATED DEVELOPMENT will have little effect on CO2 emission.
We need to implement SB350 quite differently from pushing TRANSIT
And not pass SBX 1 8 to double funding of TRANSIT.

(For the $57 billion of PLAN BAY AREA you can buy all 2.5 million homeowners in the Bay an electric car and make a far bigger impact on emissions)

SBX 1 8 and ABX 1 7 Cap and Trade

Cap and Trade funding is available for public transit projects through two programs:

Programs: This bill adjusts the funding percentage
1. Transit and Intercity Rail Capital Program (TIRCP). would increase from 10% to 20%, resulting in an additional $200 million per year.
2. Low Carbon Operations Program (LCTOP) would increase from 5% to 10%, resulting in additional $100 million per year for the program.

Currently, Cap and Trade funding provides only $300 for local mass transit projects.
1 8 and ABX 1 7 doubles the funding for local mass transit projects to $600 million annually.

This is the "reasoning" they're giving us  - to try and justify this doubling:

to help cities better connect and expand mass transit options; ensuring commuting by light-rail or subway is as convenient as driving.

"How are we to reach Governor Brown's goals of reducing GHGs 40% below 1990 levels by 2030 and reducing petroleum use by 50% if robust transit systems are not part of the equation?"

"only a balanced approach to repairing our roads and investing in mass transit projects will accomplish the Governorís goals of reducing greenhouse gases, creating tens-of-thousands of jobs."

But in the age where every vehicle is ZERO FUEL COST (& ZERO CARBON EMISSION), TRANSIT USE  will not be expanding. Reject SBX 1 8
(Not to mention AUTONOMOUS Vehicles - surfing-the-internet in the privacy of your own vehicle.)