Your Opinion CA Transportation Plan?

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What Is Your Opinion About The California Transportation Plan (CTP)? Your Home Zip Code ____________
Please indicate how much you agree with the following statements.
Agree Somewhat
Somewhat Disagree
No Opinion

The transportation vision for 2025 is clear
The goals identified in the CTP meet my expectations
The CTP provides clear guidelines for future transportation investments
The strategies in the CTP will help:
    Enhance public safety and security
    Preserve the transportation system
    Improve mobility and accessibility
    Maximize efficient use of resources
    Address community and environmental values

Above                 Meets                 Below             Failure         No Opinion
Expectations       Expectations      Expectations

Overall, how would you rate the CTP?

How would you improve the CTP?

Send to:
Department of Transportation, Mail Station 32
Division of Transportation Planning
Office of State Planning
P.O. Box 942874

Sacramento, CA 94274-0001