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The “conveniently” LAST section 35 may be of more impact than all the others put together and perhaps should be read first?

35.05b ... constructs a significant percentage of very low or low income units ......
35.12b Eliminate Use Permit processes
35.15   Making illegal units legal.
35.16   ....... increase workforce affordable housing construction.
35.22   ..... redevelop ... School District, Sanitation District, churches with
                   affordable housing
35.23   ...... Designate ... zoning for ... affordable housing ..............
35.29   Single-room occupancy units .............with linkages to social services.

Source:- "GP sect 35 - Watch Out !!!!"

"Comment on Policy Statements" is now gone from the GP Home page:
Each of the items on the Policy Statements page are "hot" for you to make comments on. We must liberally comment on Section 35.

San Rafael's current Mayor will allow Infill Development. building in open space and second stories added to scenic buildings. He was FOR building 800 homes on St Vincent's farmland. The "business as usual" philosophy of the City Council must be stopped. San Rafael needs Councilors who are in touch with their constituent's wishes.
 Kyle Keilman for
   Mayor of San Rafael

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Possible Programs discussed so far: (The state of California has mandated that every county will provide affordable housing. The exact number required for Marin, as well as other Bay Area counties has been finalized through negotiations with the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG). The “regional housing needs determination” for Marin is that we shall provide 6,515 total units by 2006; almost 2000 of these must be affordable to those with “very low” to “low” incomes. Penalties for not providing this housing can range from the county and cities defending themselves in court (ala Corte Madera), to losing all state funding for any development at all, including roads.)
. Get rid of the bowling alley.
. Residential dev around Davidson Middle School.
. Gathering places and housing near Civic Center.
. Promenade at Rite Aid.
. Parking lots are being picked to develop housing above (retaining the parking)
. Apartments on Las Gallinas by Northgate One.
. St. Vincent’s got dropped from the list as This project is already in process.
. CalPox site has no services or other residential in the vicinity. It is also a former toxic dump. This may not be a good site for housing.
. Pedestrian bridge across canal at Montecito shopping center and Harbor St.
. Amend and adjust the zoning regulations to address infill development, redevelopment and remodeling and upgrades.
. Support commute trip reduction measures such as flex hours, carpooling, telecommuting, public transportation, and employer incentive programs.
. Provide incentives and support for workforce attainable housing.
. Support businesses that generate jobs for residents.
. Support the completion of the HOV Gap Closure project.
. Encourage employers to offer workplace alternatives and promote the formation of satellite business centers.
. Develop and maintain a database of buildings and parcels with potential for improvement.
. Establish a room rental service administered through a local church.
. All new housing projects must be exclusively affordable and/or workforce housing.
. Establish gross receipts tax for home-based businesses.
. Sponsor English as a Second Language (ESL) training.
. Develop mentoring programs, possibly through cooperation with churches and non-profit  organizations.
. Provide more support for the development of non-profit organizations, including grant money.
. Create a training center that offers a variety of diverse skill development programs.
. Establish transportation program for workers who can’t get here on their own.
. Continue the working relationship with the Marin County Economic Commission and participate in their activities.
. Provide a City-subsidized office/warehouse/storage space for new/startup businesses.
. Marin Square at Bellum why keep retail center if something else is more useful? Explore mixed use of this area
. A Day laborer Center?