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Mike Arnold, Novato, Chairman and Co-Founder of Marin Citizens for Effective Transportation said that $190 million out of $300 million will not relieve congestion on Highway 101, yet the principal issue facing this County in terms of transportation is congestion on Highway 101 during commute hours. He stated that reversing the HOV lane, the bicycle/pedestrian path, etc, are not the issues causing controversy; however, the train is controversial because:
  1. The train goes no further south than San Rafael.
  2. The systems issues associated with the train have been ignored.
    1. It is a single track system (when anything breaks down, everything comes to a halt).
    2. The train will cross all major intersections in downtown San Rafael (there are no overpasses or second tracks funded).
    3. This is a diesel train which will run slowly.
  3. Funding for the transit system needs to be addressed.

Mr. Arnold noted the following:

  • There has been no feasibility study performed on this train.
  • The operating deficit has not been fully funded.
  • Local tax dollars are in short supply.
  • There will be fixed costs even if the train does not attract enough passengers.
  • The investment will divert scarce local dollars away from a system that does work.
  • We should be lowering fares and increasing service for transportation.
  • There are no monies in the plan for Golden Gate Transit; their intention is to start their own bureaucracy.
  • The plan is poorly engineered.




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