Let San Quentin be San Rafael's answer to Tiburon

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Here is the New Urbanist hype delivered by the Speaker, Andres Duany, at the Jan 11th 2003 Workshop (He founded a TranSect) Will New Urbanism work?

"People live in New York City and want to."
Maybe but....The most recent survey of the Public Policy Institute of California, polled 2,010 residents statewide and asked:- 
If you had your choice, would you most prefer to live in a single-family detached home, an attached home such as a condo or townhouse, an apartment, or another type of dwelling?
Answer:-        86% single-family detached home
                       8% attached home 
                       4% apartment
                       2% Other

San Francisco already has more Suburban Transit Boardings than any other US City. (Yet boardings declined 7% (90-95) like most other cities did). The city cannot accommodate additional rail-boat commuters from Sonoma or Marin.

I hope we're not comparing Marin to New York? The entertainment and nightlife is already provided by many Marin towns. Put together (including more in San Quentin, SQ,) would not stop travel to San Fran. for SO MUCH more entertainment.... SQ can never be compared to New York !

"Rail works in NY and Philadelphia"
Now there's a statement!!!  "Rail Works" the fact is rail has rarely ever "worked" ANYWHERE in this country. Why ? Because it is horrendously expensive and cannot cater to the suburbs. People have to drive to stations and would rather drive all the way. Rail is nowhere near cost effective and certainly DEAD WRONG for Marin. SMART is over 4 times the person-miles cost of adding a freeway lane on HWY101 from SR to Cloverdale, 50 miles, (excl the "Narrows").
Rail FOR and AGAINST ../CarTransit/
RAIL v Freeway ../CarTransit/RailvFreewy.htm
Unless the transit system becomes a highly elaborate network, it simply cannot get many people from where they are to the myriad destinations to which they routinely travel.
Rail dreamers can fantasize about recreating the train-dependent human settlement patterns of the 19th century, but it is absolutely impossible, for this simple reason: they're not prepared to outlaw the competition, the automobile. So it's the rail partisans' cumbersome, rigid, enormously expensive, hard-to-get-to technology vs. a nimble, efficient, affordable, sexy, instantly-available system of transport-the car-that comes equipped with heat, air conditioning and stereophonic sound. See if you can pick the winner.

Central Park is a good example of parks proximate to urban development
After dark  -you go first. One of the reasons why people moved out of the cities was fear of inner city violence.

People want to live in suburbia yet say no to more building around them.
And apartment dwellers don't?

We need better designed Open Space
I want MY open space to be untouched thankyou

Marin does not have a decent waterfront
??? See new San Rafael wetlands bike path and Loch Lomond, China Camp, Tiburon and Tiburon Peninsula, Sausalito

We need "Squares" "Plazas" and "Waterfront Promenades"
Any space that is available I'd rather it surrounded my house. If I want to walk I'd rather do it where there are fewer people and less houses around. If I want to meet people it would be my friends not strangers or even neighbors on the street.

"The more highways you build the more congestion there is"
How many times have I heard this one? Go here for the answers:- Induced Traffic Myth and "Freeway Expansion Works, of course"

Nothing will solve traffic problems except bringing workplaces closer to living places" says SCAG too (South CA Assoc. Govs.)
No disputing that, but if development was rigorously restricted in relation to the congestion it causes and to the jobs available we wouldn't have ANY traffic problems. http://www.marininfo.org/CarTransit/Solution.htm

San Quentin Development will "shorten trips". Same effect as adding more hwy.
If you can persuade the 39,000 out-of-county workers (most of them commute to Marin's low paying jobs) to relocate to SQ (and afford the price) then this cd be true. But the net effect wd be adding more than 7,000 SQ people to the traffic congestion that already exists.
By the way just 5 miles over the Richmond bridge from SQ are 100,000's of affordable houses.

Make SQ an "Urban Core"
Heres' why we shouldn't

The Urban Ecology Group in San Francisco has cool ideas including "Wind Turbines on roofs"
Wind turbines need huge amounts of wind and are rarely cost effective except in VERY few really windy areas. Solar PV is the obvious choice.

274 acres can "Accommodate Everything"
And look best with nothing

After the talk by Andres there was little time for questions.

This was followed by a Visualization exercise. We were all asked to close our eyes and at the vocal guidance of a leader we were to visualize what we saw as our ideal San Quentin. Then we were to crayon, in different colors, our vision on a map of SQ. After asking my neighbor what his purple lines represented and was surprised how I had interpreted them as representing something different from his intent and after finding out that these maps were to be collected and used by planning,  I suggested that one could interpret WHATEVER one wanted from these drawings in the absence of a color legend.  See an Aerial View of San Quentin today and a vision for the  Future

A few of us presented our visualizations. I asked if anyone else had visualized Tiburon.

Then we stuck a green dot and 3 blue dots on pictures of what we wanted SQ to look like. I stuck my dots on the most "open space" looking picture I could find.  At the end of the day the blue dots were equally distributed between 3 categories "Open Space" , "Transit Hub" and "Affordable Housing".

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