Traffic Congestion Relief is not a goal

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Traffic Congestion Relief is NOT a goal of the Marin Transportation Vision Plan !!!
I sat incredulously as I heard one after another of our leaders concur that "reducing traffic congestion" should not be part of the Transportation Vision Plan. 
And closer to the end of the meeting (on "Transportation Sales Tax and Comments on the Vision Plan") I heard them agreeing that "reducing Air Pollution" SHOULD be a goal. 
How does one reduce air pollution, then, might one ask?
Why let us ask the Berkley Consultant referred to by the Sierra Club. He says "our analysis disclosed that deterioration in air quality has generally worked in favor of road expansion" . Yes, Slower moving congested traffic creates MORE Exhaust Air Pollution than faster traffic, even comparing it with MORE traffic on a wider freeway (yet moving faster).
Reducing Traffic Congestion MUST be the PRIMARY goal of any Transportation Plan, Vision, Dream, Hallucination .....  whatever you want to call it!!!
I cant believe I had to devote what little time I had to speak to urge that Traffic Congestion Relief be a goal of the Plan! I thot that was a given!!!
(I would also urge that of the pseudo -  experts who shout "wrong" when they have no data to back up their populist generalities, eloquent tho they may be, be taken with a pinch of salt). 
There will be no "MOBILITY" while there is congestion and if "CHOICES" do not include the most cost effective and are not prioritized on cost effectiveness then we will be wasting the little money we have on ineffective projects. We cant afford to complete ALL the projects in the plan, regardless, so we must pick the most cost effective at reducing congestion.
"The total cost of all of the projects in this plan is at least $1.5 billion dollars. Existing revenue can cover only $367 million, leaving a gap of over $1.1 billion over the next 25 years to make our vision a reality. It is clear that we will not be able to move forward on all projects at once"

Also I cant believe I had to urge our leaders to put cost effectiveness first in the Plan.
This must have been the way MTC used to plan 20+ years ago. Since then they have been sued by the Sierra Club for NOT reducing air pollution yet spending billions of dollars. And why did they not achieve the air pollution requirements? Because they spent FAR too much on transit solutions that did little to relieve the air polluting congestion that plagues us to this day. They did not spend more of that money directly addressing freeway and roadways which make so much more of a difference than the many VERY expensive transit alternatives.

If these people will not take the time to learn the mistakes that so many other governments have made in the past then they will never spend our money to make the difference we need. And history will continually repeat itself.
That men do not learn very much from the lessons of history is the most important of all the lessons of history. - Aldous Huxley

"Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge" Charles Darwin.  

I urge the voters to insist that our leaders consult national experts on transportation (if they wont educate themselves). The county's current consultants have concluded in the plan with this statement "traditional measures of things like cost-effectiveness are not appropriate".  

Leaders, Talk to the MTC. Prioritize each project based on the most cost-effective way of reducing congestion as the MTC have finally been legally forced to do, today.
Leaders, Get the info you need to make educated decisions from the website link above and from Marin Transit Plan TRUTHS and links to reference sites.

Marin Congestion Management Agency (CMA)

Belvedere  Bruce Sams

Corte Madera  Pat Williams

County of Marin  Steve Kinsey

Fairfax  Frank Egger

Larkspur  Joan Lundstrom

Mill Valley  Dick Swanson

Novato  Michael Di Giorgio

Ross  Tom Byrnes

San Anselmo  Peter Breen

San Rafael  Al Boro

Sausalito  Amy Belser

Tiburon  Alice Fredericks

Marin Board of Supervisors
District 1  Supervisor Susan L. Adams 
District 2  Supervisor Harold C. Brown Jr., 2nd Vice President 
District 3  Supervisor Annette Rose, President 
District 4  Supervisor Steve Kinsey, Vice President 
District 5  Supervisor Cynthia L. Murray 

Meanwhile they will try to put a Sales Tax of % on the Nov 2003 ballot .
And concentrate on LOCAL transportation needs. (Leaving projects like SMART rail out of it for now)
But which of these "local" projects will make any significant difference to our congestion?
Here are the projects and their cost.
 Notice how "Highway Interchanges" make such a difference to freeway congestion relative to the LOCAL projects
Most LOCAL projects may have LITTLE EFFECT on congestion.
See how freeway "spillover" onto LOCAL streets may be by far the biggest contributer to LOCAL congestion.