MTC Cost Effectiveness

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Projects Ranked by Cost Effectiveness By Corridor (cost per new rider)

Rapid Bus is much more cost-effective than rail or new ferry. (With the exception of EXISTING ferry projects)

Blueprint Project Cost per New Rider
Golden Gate Corridor
Sausalito - SF Ferry $1.15
Intra Marin County Rapid Bus $2.01
Sonoma/Marin to SF Rapid Bus $8.31
Sonoma/Marin Commuter Rail $17.09
Tiburon - SF - Mission Bay Ferry $21.34
Intra Sonoma County Rapid Bus $21.97
Larkspur - SF Ferry $23.08
Marin to Contra Costa Rapid Bus $39.62
Port Sonoma - SF Ferry $137.95
Fremont-South Bay Corridor
San Joaquin County, Tri-Valley, Hayward, Fremont to Santa Clara County Rapid Bus $9.68
VTA Light-Rail Transit to Fremont BART $21.55
Expanded Interim VTA Commuter Rail Service $34.76
BART to San Jose $100.30
I-580 Corridor
Intra-Tri-Valley Rapid Bus $2.20
San Joaquin County to Tri-Valley, Dublin/Pleasanton BART Rapid Bus $4.17
BART to Livermore & Dublin infill (3 stations) $25.83
Tri-Valley to Central San Mateo County / Alameda County Rapid Bus $36.98
I-680 Corridor
Intra Central Contra Costa Rapid Bus $8.41
ACE Upgrade $11.27
Solano County to East Bay Rapid Bus (I-680) $11.62
Central Contra Costa - North Oakland/Berkeley Rapid Bus $11.68
Southern Alameda County Rapid Bus $12.36
Tri-Valley to Silicon Valley Rapid Bus $28.24
I-80 Corridor
Intra West Contra Costa County Rapid Bus $0.75
Intra-Solano County Rapid Bus $3.34
Solano County to San Francisco Rapid Bus $13.02
West Contra Costa to Oakland/Berkeley Rapid Bus $15.75
West Contra Costa to SF Rapid Bus $27.27
Capitol Corridor Upgrade $28.27
Solano County to East Bay Rapid Bus (I-80) $31.04
Benicia/Martinez - SF Ferry $152.16
I-880 Corridor
Intra Oakland/Berkeley Rapid Bus $2.06
Oakland International Airport Rail Connector $12.09
Hayward/San Leandro to Oakland/Berkeley Rapid Bus $13.77
North Bay-East-West Corridor
Napa to Solano Rapid Bus $8.96
Peninsula Corridor
Intra-San Mateo County Rapid Bus $3.23
San Mateo County to Santa Clara County Rapid Bus $3.78
South/Central/North San Mateo County to SF Rapid Bus $3.78
Caltrain Mass Transit Service & Grade Separations Only $14.34
Caltrain Electrification, Mass Transit Service, & Grade Separations $20.88
CalTrain Electrification, Mass Transit Service, Downtown Extension, Grade Separations $26.17
San Francisco International Airport - Moffett Field Ferry $148.00
Moffett Field - Mission Bay - SF Ferry $151.79
San Francisco International Airport - SF Ferry $196.68
Redwood City - Mission Bay - SF Ferry $421.05
San Francisco Corridor
Mission/Bay View Rapid Bus $3.55
Richmond District Rapid Bus $4.52
Sunset District Rapid Bus $17.21
3rd Street Light-Rail Transit Extension to Chinatown $29.46
BART infill station at 30th/Mission $270.00
Santa Clara Valley Corridor
Intra-Santa Clara County Rapid Bus $3.55
San Jose International Airport Rail Connector $65.32
State Route 4 Corridor
East Contra Costa to BART Rapid Bus $4.64
East Contra Costa to Tri-Valley Rapid Bus $18.60
BART to Pittsburg (1 station) $45.65
Transbay Corridor
South/Central Alameda County to SF Rapid Bus $3.27
East Bay to Central San Mateo County Rapid Bus $9.33
Richmond - SF - Mission Bay - South San Francisco Ferry $13.19
Dumbarton Rail $48.94
Oakland International Airport - SF Ferry $77.56
Vallejo - SF Ferry $104.63
Oakland - Treasure Island - SF Ferry $168.12
Berkeley - Treasure Island Ferry $168.12
Oakland Army Base - SF Ferry $169.98
San Leandro - Redwood City Ferry $270.05
Alameda - Hunters Point Ferry $472.08
Harbor Bay - SF Ferry $477.06
Oakland - Alameda - SF Ferry $485.15
San Leandro - Moffett Field Ferry $530.80
Berkeley - SF - Mission Bay - Alameda Ferry $617.98

Cost per New Rider - Rail v Bus v Ferry

ANNUALIZED CAPITAL COST / RIDER 2 $41.39 $1.594 $15.50
OPERATING SUBSIDY / NEW RIDER3  1 $11.77 $5.50 $41.71
Numbers in parentheses are percentage change compared to RTP Base
1Annual operating cost minus fare revenues
2Annualized capital $ / Annual new riders
3Annual operating subsidy / Annual new riders
4Assigns half of HOV costs to bus and half to carpools

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