St Vincent Annexation

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Before development could take place on St Vincent's land it would need to be annexed away from the county into the jurisdiction of San Rafael.

No public vote on annexation would occur. The annexation decision is made by the Marin Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO), not by public vote.

The Silveira family need not agree to annexation for it to occur. Under state law, St. Vincent's may apply for annexation of both their property AND the Silveira lands. If there are fewer than 12 registered voters on both properties, the property owner with the greatest amount of assessed valuation (conceivably St. Vincent's since they have larger land holdings) may make application for both properties.

(If there are 12 or more registered voters residing on both properties, there is a protest hearing for those voters only. Depending upon the vote at the protest hearing, there may be a formal election scheduled for those registered voters residing on the subject properties only, not the general public).

To learn more about the annexation process, it is suggested that you speak with Peter Banning, Executive Director of Marin LAFCO at 446-4409.

LAFCO will allow Annexation for the following 2 reasons:-
1. San Rafael needs it to meet its State mandated goal of new housing.
2. The SR Gen. Plan of the 70's implied an agreement to allow development east of Hwy101 in return for allocating 85% of Marin as Open Space.
So LAFCO can justify development, despite its mission statement (below), based on a "Quid Pro Quo" in the Countywide Gen Plan of the 1970's.

The problem is, a lot has changed since the 70's, in particular TRAFFIC.   What would be the consequences of the City missing its housing goal?
Alternatively, there is some LAFCO policy that could apply to St. Vincent's: -
Agricultural Lands Policies:- Land which is currently engaged in the substantial production of food, fiber, or livestock, or is identified as agricultural land under Williamson Act contract shall not be annexed to a city or a sanitary sewer agency for the purpose of promoting urban development. (Originally Adopted: July 13, 1977; Revised: January 13, 1983)

Development of existing vacant or non-prime agricultural lands for urban uses within a city's and/or special district's jurisdiction or within a city's and/or special district's sphere of influence should be encouraged before any proposal is approved which would allow for or lead to the development of existing agricultural or open-space lands for nonagricultural or non open-space uses which are outside of the city's and/or special district's jurisdiction or outside of a city's and/or special district's sphere of influence.
(Adopted July 13, 1977)

The first words on LAFCO's website are "LAFCO was created to discourage urban sprawl".  Mission Statement:- Promotes and coordinates the efficient delivery of local governmental services and encourages the preservation of open space and agricultural lands
If LAFCO fails us - Can ACE or a Referendum be an alternative to developing St Vincents?

The George Lucas development approval precedent. "traffic policies that call for a Level of Service D or better for peak-hour traffic along U.S. Highway 101"

Services: LAFCO regulates the formation of cities and special districts. LAFCO operates under CA Code Section 56000, Cortese-Knox-Hertzberg Act

Phone Email
Administrator: Peter Banning
Executive Officer 415/446-4409
Attorney: David Zaltsman 415/499-6117
Clerk: Dory Adams 415/446-4409

Staffing: Number of personnel: 2-1/3 total full time equivalent positions. Current management contacts:
Board Meetings: 2nd Thursday of each month, 7:30pm
San Rafael Council Chambers
1400 5th Ave., San Rafael

CA 94903
446-4409 Fax: 446-4410
Hours: 9 am - 5 pm, Monday through Friday
Commission: The Commission has seven members. Two are members of the County Board of Supervisors; two are members of city councils, elected by the city selection committee; two are of special district governing boards elected by the vote of the special district and one public member.
Regular Members:                                   Term Expires
Jeff Blanchfield    Public Member                  5/03
Judy Chapman     Special District Member    5/05
Barbara Heller      City Member                      5/04
Jeff Slavitz,           City Member                      5/06
John Kress            County Member                 5/01
Cynthia Murray      County Member                5/03
Dennis J. Rodoni   Special District Member    5/03

Alternate Members:                                 Term Expires
Pat Eklund,             City Member                       5/04
Annette Rose,          County Member                  5/03
George C.   Quesada Special District Member   5/03
Richard Rubin          Public Member                  5/05

Mogens Bach           City Member                   5/02
Hal Brown                County Member               5/03