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T'was us evil voters of a misguided supervisor Adams (who, I quote,  "said absolutely NOTHING" on St Vincents during the campaign) t'was to blame for St Vincents demise !
This is the final message from our city leaders (in particular Paul Cohen) after the meeting Jan 13th 2003 on passing the onus to the county.
"Wasted effort over the decades starting with the Countwide plan of 1972, city council steering committee and guiding a Task Force to develop on St VIncents". (Being a "very good project"  "giving a lot back to the community "  - Barbara Heller).
It went down the drain last night cos of us dumb voters.
T'would bring a tear to a glass eye !

Wonder if it would have been in the 1972 Countywide Plan if they'd had the traffic congestion that we have today?
And then us missing this great opportunity to put New Urbanism on the Marin map (like that New Urbanist indoctrinating us at the "San Quentin Future" meeting.).

I could have felt guilty if St Vincents dev had been 100% affordable but 766 units with ONLY 182 affordable and the rest going for $600,000 to $900,000.  PLEASE!
Let's not forget that the entire purpose of the State mandate on new housing is to provide affordable. 766-182 = 584 expensive homes ain't what the State had in mind.  If the city were serious, then they would have planned mobile or manufactured housing on St Vincents (modeled after our very own, successful, Contempo Estate). That would have been 100% affordable! ( but that project would not have passed either   -  still too much traffic.)
Video of the Event

AND  Don't go thinkin Susan Adams got voted-in solely on St VIncents.  Cohen's  stand on a highly COST-INEFFICIENT Rail system was a lot to do with it too. 

The St Vincents Catholic Youth Org will get their upgrade and enuf compensation   -  you will see  -   and the congestion on our freeway will -  not get worse cos of StVincents.
And as we drive to Target we'll see green fields and a pretty church just like always.

Our Mayor reckons there's only ONE County Supervisor left in favor of St Vincents dev. (not Brown, the traitor - "reversing after being on the steering committee"! Naughty boy! Y'd never catch the city council reverse on anything, right?)

City Manager Rod Gould is presently participating on a blue ribbon committee of the League of California Cities to suggest appropriate and reasonable revisions to the state housing element law. Best of luck Rod, seriously.
Don't forget just 7-12 miles away 100,000's of affordable houses already exist!

So now we convert those vacant offices to affordable apartments.  Affordable within the town/city. Where there is a higher probability of NOT driving to the many lower paying jobs and we don't CREATE more jobs.