The Junk Science of Fluoride-Free Water

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The Junk Science of Fluoride-Free Water

Dr. Connett and his FAN CLUB conducted a world-wide campaign to gather signatures opposing community water fluoridation (CWF).

But there is an overwhelming consensus amongst dental, medical and public health professionals supporting Fluoridation .

There is solid, easily found evidence that Fluoridation works - - it is as easy as reading the peer reviewed literature.

The evidence for the effectiveness of water fluoridation is incontrovertible. More than a dozen large-scale literature reviews have found water fluoridation, even against a backdrop of high discretionary fluoride use, to confer a caries preventive benefit in children. Further to this, water fluoridation and its effect on the tooth structure provides a benefit to adults across their lifespan.

 The ant-fluoridation arguments are little more than fallacious non-science.

Connett's view of the European situation likely comes from a graph on the Fluoride Action Network's website. The graph misleads. For example, not all European countries are included. Secondly, the widespread use of fluoridated salt is not mentioned. For a discussion of that and other errors please read the famous debate between Drs. Connett and Pollick

“Fluoridation is one of the 10 greatest public health achievements of the 20th century,” Dr. Howard Pollick of the University of California San Francisco School of Dentistry told the subcommittee as he encouraged members to continue fluoridation.

“Fluoridation is safe, it saves money and it works — that is the bottom line, take-home message,” Will Humble, Director for the Arizona Department of Health Services, told the subcommittee.

  • Great Britain is currently undertaking an expansion of water fluoridation similar in scope to what has and is occurring in California.

    Removing any doubt as to European opinion, in May 2011 the
    European Union's Scientific Committee
    on Health and Environmental Risks issued a formal report titled "Critical review of any new evidence on the hazard profile, health effects, and human exposure to fluoride and the fluoridating agents of drinking water".

The European opinion as to water fluoridation's safety joins those of

  • Australia's National Health Research Council (2007),
  • the US National Academy of Sciences (2006),
  • the World Health Organization (2006),
  • Ireland's Forum on Fluoridation (2002)
  • and others.

Here are 4 examples from a few hundred one can find in the National Library of Medicine's database of peer reviewed journals.

  1. Community water fluoridation prevents about 2/3 of the operations necessary for severe childhood cavities in baby teeth and saves about 50% of the total bill for childhood dental care in Medicaid patients. MMWR Morb Mortal Wkly Rep. 1999 Sep 3;48(34):753-7. Water fluoridation and costs of Medicaid treatment for dental decay--Louisiana, 1995-1996. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
  2. The largest study ever done on cavities in school children's permanent teeth found that in the Pacific Region fluoridated communities had 61% fewer cavities.  J Dent Res. 1990 Feb;69 Spec No:723-7; (see graph on p 323) Recent trends in dental caries in U.S. children and the effect of water fluoridation. Brunelle JA, Carlos JP.
  3. Kids who drink fluoridated water become adults with more teeth.  Am J Public Health. 2010 Oct;100(10):1980-5. Epub 2010 Aug 19. The association between community water fluoridation and adult tooth loss. Neidell M, Herzog K, Glied S.
  4.  Teeth with mild fluorosis have fewer cavitis. J Am Dent Assoc. 2009 Jul;140(7):855-62. The association between enamel fluorosis and dental caries in U.S. schoolchildren. Iida H, Kumar JV.

 The Ireland data nicely demonstrates that additional benefit came to those with fluoridated water.

Ireland WHO: -

                                  dental caries

1984 (non fluoridated)       3.3
1992 (non fluoridated)       2.1
2002 (non fluoridated)       1.8

1984 (fluoridated)              2.6
1993 (fluoridated)              1.4
2002 (fluoridated)              1.1

 Europe's relationship to fluoride is complex. If anyone is interested, a very thorough and detailed analysis of fluoride in Switzerland is available. see: