The 90+ Study on AGING 

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The "90+ Study" on AGING -- ( 60 MINUTES Part1 video , Part2 video)

with a huge sample of 1,600 out of 14,000 participants and 33 years !

Dispels some common theories:

  1. 45 minutes of moderate exercise per day is the sweet spot (even 3 hours per day didn't beat 45 mins).
  2. Two drinks per day of ANY kind of alcohol reduces risk of death.
  3.  1-3 cups of coffee per day was better than none !
  4.  Anti-Oxidants & some Vitamins DON'T make a difference, including E, A, C & Calcium.
  5.  Those a little over-weight outlived the underweight !
  6.  You can have Plaques & Tangles all over your brain and NOT be demented !
  7.  Low blood pressure leads to LESS life-expectancy than high !
    and maybe causing Dementia created by micro-strokes.
  8.  Risk of developing Dementia doubles every 5 years - starting at 65. If u don't get it before 80 u still can get it after.