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The Vanishing Automobile and Other Urban Myths is a tour de force on the popular but hopeless strategies so wrongly named smart growth.
His neighborhood was targeted by Portland, Oregon urban planners for densification
The foundations of Portland's planning model were shallow and set upon sand. The result is a book that embarrasses Portland's planners with their own data and takes the argument to national applications. He spares none of the icons, showing how higher densities, rail transit, and anti-automobile strategies threaten the very future of the American city and the American way of life.

Transport in Europe
Public transport and high speed rail have failed to reduce traffic congestion in Europe, and worse, that there is not hope for achieving such results. His description of European transport trends surprisingly mirrors trends in the United states. As in the US, trip patterns have become far too dispersed for mass transportation modes to increase their markets. He calls for transport policy based upon fact, rather than ideology.

City Lifepreference for low density living is a historically ingrained characteristic


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