19th Ave Freeway Tunnel

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Instead of spending $3 billion on a Transbay Terminal that will do nothing to reduce traffic congestion
its time to spend it on something that WILL drastically reduce Traffic Congestion and air-pollution - the
19th Avenue Tunnel Bypass

Nineteenth Avenue and Park Presidio Boulevard was originally to have been bypassed by a Freeway (planned many years ago).
This Tunnel far outweighs any Terminal as a solution to Traffic Congestion for Bay Area commuters
  "The cost-benefit ratio of the Transbay Terminal is really absurd," said Bill Blackwell, a retired Bechtel architect, who contends that the new terminal costs aren't justified by the improvements for transit riders. "People seem to think we need a new monument," Blackwell said. "We don't need a fancy new terminal. It doesn't do anything to enhance transit use."

A big reason for continued skepticism is the Transbay's $3 billion price tag. To raise the bulk of the money, backers relied on voters to approve several large transportation measures.

The regional ballot measure to boost bridge tolls, steers $150 million toward the project. Another $270 million came when San Franciscans renewed their city's half-cent sales tax in November 2003. A statewide high-speed rail bond was dropped from the November 2004 election, if successful, would have contributed $127 million.

The biggest piece of the financial puzzle is the $500 million that the city hopes to steer toward the terminal through redevelopment of the blocks around it. To raise the money, the city is crafting a plan that could allow the highest residential towers in the city: one 55-story structure at Main and Howard streets and another at First and Folsom. There would be four other residential towers at least 300 feet tall along Main and Folsom.


Tunneling Technology Improvements

  • "The technique of building underground structures has made considerable progress in recent years. Construction has become less difficult and costs increasingly better controlled.
  • Significant improvements have been made with regard to pollution, thus highly simplifying usual ventilation problems.
  • The safety level of urban tunnels is higher than on most surface urban roads.
  • The construction of surface and even more so elevated road structures is meeting in a number of countries with increasing opposition in urban areas, involving high extra costs or making it impossible to implement the proposed solutions.
  • Finally, the emergence of the concept of tunnels reserved for light vehicles makes it possible to consider building road tunnels in places where this would previously have been physically impossible, while at the same time considerably reducing costs for comparable capacities.
  • All these reasons lead to the idea that in a number of urban places only road tunnels will be able to cope with capacity increase requirements and alleviate surface road traffic, or clear obstacles, and that they are therefore set to significantly develop in forthcoming years."   1st World Conference on Urban Road Tunnels
World Road Association, PIARC Technical Reports on  Tunnels
  • Cross Section Design of Bidirectional Road Tunnels
  • Cross Section Geometry in Uni-directionnal Tunnels
  • Pollution by Nitrogen Dioxide in Road Tunnels
  • Road Tunnels: reduction of Operating Costs
  • Fire and Smoke Control in Road Tunnels
  • Road Safety in Tunnels
  • Road Tunnels: Emissions, Environment, Ventilation
  • Classification of Tunnels, Existing Guidelines and Experiences, Recommendations
  • The First Road Tunnel - A Planner Guide for Countries Without Previous Experience of New Road Tunnels
Major US Road Tunnel Projects  - 
  • Paris Berlin Copenhagen others ....
  • Central Artery/Third Harbor Tunnel, MASSACHUSETTS 
  • Port of Miami Tunnel Project, FLORIDA
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  • Devil's Slide Tunnel, CALIFORNIA
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  • 3rd Hampton Roads Crossing, VIRGINIA
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