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See Report to Planning Commission on Issues Raised November 15th

Final Environmental Impact Report & Revisions
        – comments to   -- next Meeting Jan 24th 2012

Download the REVISION’S doc. - (in MS Word -- with words like "Clapper Rail", "light", "noise", "mitigate" .... highlighted to search, copy and paste from )
                                                           (better conversion of STRIKETHRU text)
Download the FEIR  in MS Word.     (Here is the original PDF:  )

Download the RESPONSE LETTERS (in MS Word) --you can search it for your name ( for instance) -  803 pages!

Some gems from the Revisions doc:

Page 91(87) could build a noise wall instead of closing the outdoor fields at 9 p.m.

Page 90(86) and page 11 a noise wall along the southern boundary of the parking lot and soccer warm up areas.

Page 86(83) In order to provide for one foot of freeboard elevation above the base 1 00 year flood elevation of .L6.0 NGVD,
portions of the building below +7.0 NGVD shall be flood proofed.

Page 80(78) Outdoor parking lot lights and outdoor soccer field lights, in particular, should be shielded so that they do not aim above
the horizon. Additionally, outdoor lights should be flight checked at night to ensure that they do not create glare during
landings and takeoffs.

Page 78(77) , elements of the Project have heights that would extend into the navigable air-space above the San Rafael Airport

Limit height of proposed structures to assure clearance of the 7:1 Transitional Surface

" Design the row of parking stalls nearest to airfield for compact vehicles and/or add signs along
the fence-line notifying drivers not to back-in their vehicles

people may find it difficult to move out of harm's way if an aircraft accident should occur.

Add obstruction lights to the following features to make them more conspicuous to pilots:

The highest estimated concentration of people in a single-acre area on the Project site would be 216,
which slightly exceeds the single-acre criterion of
200 people

Page 63(63) , four-foot black mesh exclusion fencing shall be installed along the outside edge of the creek buffer zone
(100 feet from the North Fork of Gallinas Creek) to prevent sensitive species, such as Clapper rails and black rails,
                    from entering the work areas.

: Nocturnal Lighting. Lighting of the outdoor soccer field at the proposed recreational facility at night for evening games could
result in potentially significant impacts to wildlife species and habitat in the North Fork of Gallinas Creek

Page 58 Impact Bio-2: California Clapper Rail and California Black Rail.
The proposed Project will not impact marsh habitats or adjacent upland habitats along the North Fork of Gallinas Creek;
                     therefore, there will be no direct impacts to the California Clapper rail or the California black rail

Page 58 and page 17 and page 3 Security level lighting shall be set to turn off in parking areas and pedestrian walkways
one-half hour after close of the facility, e.g. by 12:30 a.m.

Page 47 restrictive covenants were recorded for the airport site in December 1983

, the proposed Project is not consistent with the current Planned Development District and Master Use Permit
established for the airport site.
As part of the submitted application for development, the Project Applicant has included
an application for an amendment to the PD District and Master Use Permit

Page 46 "The existing Declaration of Restrictions allow for "private and public recreational uses-;" but not a recreational facility."

"This alternative assumes that the outdoor soccer field and warm-up area that are currently proposed would conform to the existing
PD District and Master Use Permit, however, the indoor soccer/dance/gymnastics facility would not."

Page 42 Therefore, for For the reasons discussed above, there are no significant cumulative impacts as a result of this Project."

"The Project conforms to the airport's Master Use Permit and underlying restrictive covenants

Page 41 Thus, the Project would not contribute to any significant cumulative noise impacts.

The Project would not make a cumulatively considerable contribution to a significant cumulative impact related to hazards

Page 40  Thus, the Project would not make a cumulatively considerable contribution to any significant cumulative biological impacts.

Page 14 Clapper Rail sightings aerial photo

Page 12 As part of the Master Use Permit, the applicant has requested the flexibility to replace soccer, dance and gymnastics
with other recreational uses over time.

Page 1 "The fence will be a minimum of ten-feet tall (which may consist of a standard 6-foot tall
                cyclone fence with a 4-foot netting extension) for the purpose of preventing balls from the soccer fields from entering the marsh."

They are anticipating considerable noise -  which could be compared with Sat+Sun mornings at McInnes Park right now.
It is likely that the noise is going to exceed the decibel threshold that requires a SOUND WALL.
Perhaps a decibel measurement of today's soccer activity might be a good indicator.

They reckon a 10ft fence will stop balls from entering the marsh (REVISIONS page 1).
That fence and a long sound wall are what we will be looking at -- as well as the building.