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sent SR a list of names in opposition to the project.
  • 2,740 comments from California residents,
  •    361 Marin County residents,
  •    131 San Rafael residents.

"Design Review severely flawed"  Letter to SR CIty:

 The EIR incorrectly assumes that clapper rails in the vicinity of the project site have somehow adapted to the presence of humans and human activities...

The proposed project would require a significant change in land use, with attendant noise, nighttime lighting and disturbance impacts on endangered species that are not adequately mitigated in the proposed project.

The EIR does not comply with the California Environmental Quality Act, since it does not adequately describe the project or evaluate all uses that would be permitted, fails to adequately analyze and mitigate the project’s significant environmental impacts, and does not adequately discuss alternatives to the proposed project.

" significant threats to the species."

EIR Needs to change as a result of  Caltrans Letter:

  • Parking Lot ( Marin Conservation League - constitutes “new information” requiring a revised EIR. )
  • Practice Area location
  • Building height
  • Fence Height

Clapper Rail Habituation to noise and lights is not proven. Including flashing red lights.

Indoor soccer needs can be met from other locations that would not disturb environment.

Deed Restriction intent was a balance of allowing development in one location  -- for NO comparable  development in the airport. Several local politicians of the time, corroborate this. ( Marin Conservation League "the intent of the covenant, was to limit development and human activities, not to intensify development.")

Inadequate NOISE ANALYSIS taken at 1,000 feet but nearest residence is 750 feet.

County General Plan maps this as DIKED BAYLANDS requiring more protection.

The Airport LAND USE agreement recommends prohibiting group recreation.

Airport is surrounded by un-engineered levees:

  • Both county and Airport deny responsibility for maintaining areas of levees.
  • no climate change issues have been addressed.

Does the City have liability for Accidents?

Airport has to confirm or deny that is Federal Exempt.

Demand for outdoor soccer fields met with only one field.

Email PLANNING, City of San Rafael

Airport Project Planner
City of San Rafael,
1400 Fifth Avenue,
P.O. Box 151560,
San Rafael, CA 94915,
Community Development
(415) 485-3085


2017 Video the California Clapper Rail (now called Ridgway’s Rail). Latest research. This video will also examine three nearby construction projects that have impacted the rails which have disappeared on the North fork of Gallinas Creek (2017). Perhaps justifying a SUPPLEMENTAL EIR !

Dec 20th 2014 plane that flipped on takeoff at San Rafael Airport

" While Marin Audubon Society does not actually oppose many projects, our Board voted unanimously to oppose this one because of the many environmental impacts this project would cause.

There are many reasons to oppose this massive project:

  • view,
  • traffic,
  • pollution,
  • safety and
  • environmental impacts.

The potential adverse environmental impacts are numerous.

The multitude of people that would be attracted to the games, would disturb the adjacent tidal marsh and the species that depend on it. All of Gallinas Creek is Clapper Rail habitat; in fact, it has the largest population of endangered California Clapper Rails in the North Bay. Clapper Rails have been observed in the tidal marsh immediately adjacent to the site.

The almost constant presence of crowds of people, undoubtedly many with dogs,
the increased noise, lights, and litter would adversely impact the Clapper Rails and the many other species that depend on the Gallinas Creek tidal marshes.

The entire site is diked baylands, former tidal marsh. San Rafael General Plan policies support protecting baylands.

The EIR consultant claimed the policy does not apply because the site no longer has the functions and values of baylands. The policy does not require that wetland functions be currently present, and those functions could easily be restored as long as the project is not built.

Furthermore, the project, even with constant maintenance of the levees, would always be subject to flooding from sea level rise. The site has subsided and is only kept from flooding by the extensive levee system and pumps.

We oppose developments in low-lying baylands.

The safety risk related to possible plane collisions is also a concern.

We are not opposed to soccer fields, but we are opposed to building them on baylands in this location and any other bayland location, particularly those where Clapper Rails could be adversely affected.

We have already lost significant bayland habitat to such uses – fields in Larkspur, Mill Valley and Corte Madera to name just a few.  It is time to stop!

How you can help: Marin Audubon Society urges all members, particularly San Rafael residents, to send an e-mail to the city opposing the project for any one or more of the reasons stated above. You can also write a letter or, better yet, appear at the hearing and express your views. "


Alternative Locations
without an environmental impact:

Existing Indoor Soccer Facilities

  1.     Tamalpais High School, Mill Valley
  2.     Mill Valley Middle School, Mill Valley
  3.     Hall Middle School, Larkspur
  4.     Drake High School, Fairfax
  5.     Miller Creek School, Marinwood
  6.     Manzanita Center, Marin City
  7.     Neil Cummins School, Corte Madera
  8.     Pickleweed Community Center, SanRafael
  9.     Davidson Middle School, San Rafael
  10.     Hoover Middle School, SF program


We used to play indoor soccer in a converted warehouse. For a fraction of the cost of the proposed Complex.
Put down flooring, protect glass and install portable walls. Voila an indoor soccer rink!

The real need in the county is for OUTDOOR soccer. This proposal has ONE SOCCER field!
If the building wasn't there -- perhaps there could be 3 soccer fields.

Since 6 years ago, when all this started, there has been a drastic change of retail and commercial occupancy. Lots & Buildings lay empty, which could house indoor soccer! For a fraction of the cost of this proposed monstrous Complex.

If only this proposal was about soccer. Its about 2 big businesses trying to make money out of soccer.

Instead of developing in such a sensitive area -- build a little footbridge connecting the McInnes soccer fields to 3 soccer fields on the airport!



You will find this in Old Mill Elementary school's playground (Mill Valley) this summer:


And there's a larger option: